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product name: Single mode 12 core MPO female to MPO female fiber optic patch cord
Product NO.: V-MPO-S12MAMA30003
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Added time: 2018-01-13
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MPO trunk cable composed by two high-precision plastic molded connectors and fiber optic cable. External parts of connector is precision plastic, including the push-pull latching mechanism. MPO connectors are produced apply for the Japan's NTT's patent which have miniaturization design, high density and stable and reliable connection ect characteristics. MPO fiber optic connectors with PIN and without PIN are fully meet IEC standard 1754-7 and TIA / EIA 604-5 - Type MPO standards and national industry standards, in line with internationally accepted norms GR-326.


◆ High Performance in IL & RL 

4,8,12 and 24 fiber connector terminations and assemblies

◆ Designed for low loss and standard loss SM and MM applications

◆ Economical solution for mass-termination of fiber

◆ Suitable for MPO/MTP application

◆ Ruggedized round cable, oval cable and bare ribbon options available

◆ Color coded housings available to differentiate fiber type, polish type and/or connector grade

Ferrule :The Japanese Seiko high quality, high strength zirconium dioxide ceramic ferrule.

External parts: A variety of models are available, the Japanese Seiko, Japanese Nissin Corporation,American US Conec, American MOLEX, national made.

Fiber optic cable:American corning. 0.9mm,2.0mm, 3.0mm cable diameter are available.or china fiberhome 0.9mm,2.0mm.3.0mm cable.

Associated Standards:

◆ Meets IEC Standard 61754-7& JIS C5982

◆ Structured cabling per TIA-568-C

◆ Parallel Optics
    - Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) Compliant
    - Infiniband Compliant

◆ Infiniband
    - 10G Fiber Channel Compliant 
   - 40G and 100G IEEE 802.3
    - QSFP


Fiber Type
Singlemode(APC Polish)
Multi-mode(PC/Flat Polish)
StandardLow LossStandardLow Loss
Insertion Loss Maximum〈0.70dB〈0.35dB〈0.70dB〈0.35dB
Return Loss〉60dBNone
500 Matings
Operating Temerature-40℃ to 80℃ 
Test Wavelength1310nm


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