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product name: Outdoor stainless steel 144 core OCC, optical cross connect Cabinet
Product NO.: V-OCC-SS144
Weight: 50kg
Unit: PCS
Added time: 2017-11-25
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Price(USD$): 200.00


Fiber optic cross connection cabinet is an outdoor optical equipment that is especially designed for ourdoor optical nodes in access network.It is suitable for electricity control equipments like distributing cabinet,etc.


1.Excellent performance such as:water-proof,damp-proof,anti-erosion,anti-strike.Able to withstand abrupt climate change and extreme envirnment.

2.Capacity can be fiexibly customized as required

3.Installation is quick and convenient

4.Built-in direct splice unit is capable for providing direct connection function.

5.Perfect design of fiber wiring routing could facilitate management and maintenance of dibers

6.With secure and reliable fastening and grounding protection devices for the optic fiber

7.Applicable to strap-shaped and non-strap shaped fibers.

8.Unique patent for the design of the door key,can never be easily broken.

9.With unique design of the adjust structure of temperature.

Main Technical Parameters:Comply with YD/T998-2007

1.Connector loss(including insertion,Changeability and Durability)<=0.3db

2.Connector Insert Loss<=0.2db

3.Connector Return Loss:PC>=40db UPC>=50db APC>=60db

4.Working temperature:-40℃~+40℃

5.Storage temperature:-40℃~+60℃

6.RH(relative humidity):95%(at temperature :+40℃)

7.Atmospheric pressure:between 70kpa and 106kpa

8.Isolation resistance:>=2X10000M/500V


Cabinet capacityOutline dimension(H*W*D)Splice&distribution integrated module traySplice&storage integrated module trayInstallation pitch-row
96 fiber core800x500x310mm
1 disc8 pcs8 pail
144 fiber core800x500x340mm2 disc12 pcs12 pail
288 fiber core1450x750x340mm
2 disc24 pcs

24 pail

576 fiber core(Forward and reverse the door)1450x750x620mm3 disc48 pcs
48 pail
576 fiber core(Forward the door)1450x1400x340mm4 disc48 pcs48 pail
1152 fiber core(Forward and reverse the door)1450x1400x620mm5 disc96 pcs96 pail