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product name: V-GPS362B ADC type 576 cors ODF, optical distribution frame
Product NO.: V-GPC362B
Weight: 50kg
Unit: PCS
Added time: 2017-11-25
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Price(USD$): 300.00


Optic distribution frame ODF can be used in the termination and distribution of partial trunk optical cable in optical cable communication system easy to realize connection, distribution and adjustment .

•19 standard cabinets ODF with large-capacity, high-density, modular structure.

•Integrated with fiber fusion, storage and distribution, available to manage every single modular on or off rack.

•Ensure process ability with organized arrangement of fibers,pigtails and patch cords.

•Suitable for installation of FC/SC/ST,etc.adaptors, for normal pigtails and bundle.

•Superior cable management ensure 40mm minimum bend radius.

•Connector life>1000 times.

•Connector loss (including Insertion, Change ability and Durability) ≤0.5dB.

•Change ability ≤0.2dB.

•Durability ≤0.1dB.

•Return loss: PC ≥40dB, UPC ≥50dB, APC ≥60dB.

72 core ADC type ODF Unit



Max capacity configurationWeight
ODFV-GPX-362B-26002600x840x300mm432/576 core

V-GPX-362B-22002200x840x300mm360/432 core

V-GPX-362B-20002000x840x300mm288/360 core
Splice Unit5U484x221x260mm
144/288 core

Distribution Unit5U
484x221x260mm72 core